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        2. 歡迎光臨四川漢莫尼機械設備有限公司
          ABOUT US

          公司簡介 公司資質
                                                                            鐘罩淋釉器,規格為¢660MM, ¢800MM, ¢1000MM, ¢1200MM, ¢1500MM, ¢1800MM, ¢2330MM
                                                                            直線淋釉器,規格為750MM, 1100MM, 1380MM, 1500MM
                                                                            鐘罩截釉器,規格為HMNI-1000, HMNI-1200, HMNI-1400
                除以上尺寸外我們還可以根據您的特殊要求,設計出讓您滿意的產品.我們的產品遠銷至意大利、歐洲、東南亞等20多個國家和地區,深受海內外廣大業內人士的好評。 "靠品質贏得市場,靠誠信贏得客戶",漢莫尼愿與您攜手共創世界陶瓷業輝煌的明天。
                Harmonious Ceramics Machinery Co.,Ltd was foundedim2000,which is a specialized enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and brand operation.The company has professional production equipment and skilled production technology and is a professional manufacturer of aerospace technology to produce bell glaze equipment.In addition to the production of its own "HMNI" brand series glazing equipment, but also for the ceramic machinery industry to provide other products of OEM production services, with excellent and stable quality to win market recognition.The company mainly produces the following series of products.
                                                                         Bell shaped glazing  equipment :Specifications are  ¢660MM. ¢800MM.¢1000MM.¢1200MM.¢1500MM.¢1800MM. ¢2330MM 
                                                                         Straight glazing equipment:Specifications are 750MM, 1100MM, 1380MM, 1500MM
                                                                         Bell shaped Intercepting glazing  equipment:Specifications are HMNI-1000, HMNI-1200, HMNI-1400
                                                                         High pressure glazing machine:Specification is HMNI-16L
                In addition to the above sizes, we can also design products that satisfy you according to your special requirements. Our products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions, such as Italy, Europe, Southeast Asia, and are highly praised by the vast number of people in the industry at home and abroad. "Win the market by quality, win customers by honesty." HMNI is willing to work with you to create a brilliant future of the world ceramic industry.
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